Message From the President

The Lynxx Team and I are pleased and proud to bring to your attention The New Standard in a mobile hydraulic multi-purpose platform. Our vision was to invent a vehicle with enormous utility, as well as unprecedented performance, that could excel in many different applications.

We wanted it to be relatively compact, and nimble, yet able to perform very demanding tasks. We wanted to eliminate many of the typical deficiencies often found with other products such as track guides, large hydraulic fluid requirements, excessive weight, non-floatation, insufficient tractive effort, excessive ground pressures, and inherently low agility in tight environments. Moreover, we wanted to offer a feature never before available with a vehicle as capable as the Lynxx — Modularity, i.e. the ability to be assembled and disassembled in the field by local crews.

We believe that with the Lynxx LXIV we have met, and exceeded, all of these initial objectives. In testing on snow, and in the water, the vehicle has surpassed our already high expectations. As you will see in our web site video, even carrying a 4000 pound load, the vehicle easily climbs a 35 degree slope! You’ll see that it not only floats, perfectly level, but it’s amphibious! You’ll see that it can turn effortlessly within its own footprint. We believe you’ll see, as we have, that there are endless applications for the vehicle that previously never were an option with less robust tracked equipment.

The LXIV, with its Tier 3 electronic engine, can be further enhanced with a number a high value added accessories. We offer the vehicle with a highly versatile Magnum Crane capable of both loading/unloading the vehicle and participating in Lynxx assembly, when delivered to your site in modules! Learn more about how this proprietary crane can support your operations.

For winter applications, we can offer a hydraulically front-mounted plow to assist in the building of ice roads, or for heavy snow removal situations.

Future developments will include a rear mounted lightweight drill that can either be powered from the Lynxx or from its own power pack. Additionally, we will develop a configurable rear platform, behind the cab, that can be easily modified depending upon the load, or personnel, you want to transport.

Truly the Lynxx LXIV is The New Standard in mobile hydraulic transport and utility. We believe it will meet your needs better than anything else currently available. Give us a call to learn more (705 223 4445), or stop by our booth across the street from PDAC. We will also be at the next Big Event in Timmins in May. We believe you’ll become as enthusiastic as we are about the new Lynxx!