Specifications – The Lynxx LXIV

Engine: 99HP Turbo John Deere Mechanical (production models to be Tier 3 Electronic Engines).
Modularity: Can be assembled/disassembled into discrete modules. Assembled on site by 2 men in about 8 hours. Requires lightweight portable crane, which is a Lynxx option.
Track Design: Proprietary self-cleaning track design without track guides. Goodyear rubber belts with sealed edges for durability.
Cleat Design: Offering three different proprietary cleat designs and widths to determine ground pressure. Pressures of less than one pound per square inch are available.
Hydraulic System: Hydrostatic drive with only 7 liters of oil in a closed loop system to minimize contamination, accelerate machine warm up and minimize weight.
ROPS/FOPS: Where required LXIV can be supplied with full certification.
Vehicle Weight: 6700 lb (depending on options).
Vehicle Dimensions: 14feet long x 8 feet wide x 7feet 10inches.
GVRW: 11200 lb.
Design Basis: Carry 4000 lb while pulling a trailer weight of 4000 lb and climb a 35 degree incline.
Speed Ratings: 5 mph working speed, 14 mph travel mode.
Fuel Capacity: 8 hours operating time with standard fuel capacity (increased capacity available as an option).